Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fluttering Flowers

I have to admit when I found out my best friend had had a little girl (this was about a year and a half ago now!), all I could think was, "what can I make?!"  A friend of ours had made Strawberry Shortcake curtains for her nursery window, so I tried to think about what I could do using pinks, green, and white.  I was looking at a variety of DIY baby mobiles and came across one similar to the one I created below.  I did a few things differently (colours included), and was extremely excited when the mobile was held up over Natalie's head and she couldn't pull her eyes away from it!  It was so exciting to see that reaction!!!

Wondering what you need to create this mobile?  Not a lot!  All you need are some different coloured felt pieces, a needle and thread, yarn in your desired colour and 2 different sizes of craft rings.

How do I make this?  Easy!  Find or create a shape you want to use throughout your mobile. Trace and cut your shapes in a variety of sizes from your felt.  Sew the shapes together in the manner that you want them placed.  Once you have all of your shapes assembled, start by wrapping yarn around your two craft rings.  Make sure the craft rings are covered by the yarn (if you wanted to create an old fashioned or country-type feel, you don't even need yarn if the rings are wooden!).  Make sure you knot the ends well so that the yarn won't come unravelled.  Attach (with thread) your shapes to both rings at a variety of lengths.  I also decided to add some decor to the outside of the rings (in which case you'll need a hot glue gun).  Cut several large pieces of yarn so that you can use these to attach the middle ring to the large ring and create a type of "hook" where you can hang it to the ceiling for the baby to enjoy!


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