Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Bubbly Gift

I love fish, what can I say?  They're easy maintenance (for the most part), don't talk back, and make super cute decor!

So here's what it looks like step by step......I've created this little guy in the same order as all of my other mixed-media crayon arts.....

This is what my original idea came to be....You'll notice it looks QUITE a bit different at the beginning.  I can never wait to see the end result!

The original sketch and crayons positioned......Naked canvas never looks good......

Then I melt the crayons (best step!).......this is always fun when you decide to melt multiple batches of crayons on the same canvas....always the challenge.....Just make sure you keep your hairdryer on an angle downwards when you're doing this.......otherwise you might get lots of splashing......and even melted crayon on your hairdryer.....not me......

Then I get out my acrylic paints, the water, and the brushes.....I even decided for the bubbles and the water background to add some Iridescent Medium (by Basics) to give it a slight shimmer (I am now in LOVE with this stuff and will be mixing it constantly into my acrylic paints).  40% off coupons & 50% off sales at Michaels (on all Crayola products!!! *happy dance!*) are my best friend on the weekends!

And this is how it looks afterwards with the painted scene.  Much better than naked canvas, don't you think?

Time to bust out the varnish!


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