Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Some Photos

So because I'm making you all wait until the end of the weekend to see my most recent creation (I don't wanna give the surprise away!), I decided I'd tie you over with some of my photography.  I have shot portraiture, commercial, landscape, and a mix and mash of all of the above.  I did college and university at the same time and my college diploma is in Creative Photography.  At Humber I shot mostly commercial and portraiture.  And before you make any comments, just remember: Photography is still art!

And.......because it's really nice out and we've been having fantabulous weather, I decided to stick in some nature photos.

The first two photos were taken at my cottage a couple of years ago.  While the final photo was just taken in my living room over a white backdrop.  I stole one of my mom's flowers from a bouquet...or should I say "borrowed....."


*Please remember these photos belong to me*


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