Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Flower Power

So the gf of one of my really close friends is due next week-ish?
Andddd I decided to make something for the nursery (A baby mobile to be exact!).  I apologize in advance if my explanations for each of the steps isn't overly clear and concise.  It's been a long day and some of the steps are easier to demonstrate than explain in words.....

I've made mobiles before..but I decided to switch it up a bit..I decided to use wreaths instead of wooden rings for the structure of the mobile.  However, I'm not sure I had fun with these guys....I was constantly cursing as I worked away....and I don't recall cursing quite as frequently last time when I used wooden rings instead of wreaths........

This is what you need to create something similar to what I have created: Wreaths (two different sizes), a glue gun, ribbon, felt, a flower pattern, buttons, thread, a needle, and glass beads.

To begin, I found a flower pattern that I liked, created a traceable template on cardboard, and then started tracing a whole whack of them onto the felt.  I also created one size smaller so that I could put a smaller size in the middle of some of the larger flowers.  Then, I took my fabric scissors and cut all the flowers out (trust me, you get a very good hand workout from doing all the cutting...and make sure you have fabric scissors!).  Then, decide what smaller flowers you want to match up with the larger flowers and sew them together.  Next, you'll want to sew a button in the middle of each flower.  Now you have your flowers ready!

Next I decided to attach my wreaths together.  First created a hanger (with ribbon) and attached it to the larger wreath so that my mobile would be able to hang somewhere in the nursery.....Now, back to attaching these two wreaths together....This was the fun part...........I really cursed for a while during this point in time........It's really difficult to explain, but you want to hang the smaller wreath down lower and attach it to the larger wreath.  Make sure you have it hanging from something like a ceiling lamp or chandelier so that you can really get an idea of how you want the smaller wreath to hang.  After I FINALLY got the two wreaths attached and looking as I wanted them to (and after a lot of cursing and fighting gravity....), it was time to attach the flowers!  (Almost there!)

I picked up one of my flowers, knotted the end of the thread, pulled the needle through and held up the flower.  When I was content with my desired length, I weaved the thread through the wreath and knotted several times to ensure it was fastened tight.  Then you need to keep repeating this step with all of the flowers.  I attached the small, singular flowers to the small wreath (as you will see below).  Once you've attached all of your flowers, you're in the home stretch!!!!  All we need to do is throw in some beads!

This part only took about half an hour or so.  The finishing touch! Knot the end of the thread several times so that when you slide a bead on, it won't slide off the end.  Once you have it knotted, slide a bead on.  Then weave it through a part of the wreath and secure it from moving by knotting it around the wood of the wreath.  Then add another bead, knot it (to secure it in place), weave the thread through the wreath a bit and continue to knot and weave the beads through the wreath.  I did this bead weaving through both the large and the small wreath, but you could choose to weave through just the large one if you wanted.

And now after much fighting with, and cursing it, this baby project is done!  Woo hoo!!!!  Don't mind my hand....I hung it outside for pictures off one of the plant hangers.....


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