Friday, 4 May 2012

Love...or something like it

So it's my Nanny & Pappy's 50th wedding anniversary celebration tomorrow......I swear this shin-dig is larger than their actual tomorrow's going to be a day of getting all dolled up in a "casual" manner (but no jeans - so in other words, formal...).

And as a part of the anniversary gift from me, I of course decided to make something (actually two something's - but I haven't finished the other something yet....I've got less than 24 hours to pull it together...I guess I better get going....).

I really liked this owl creation that I made last summer (the first time I saw polymer clay on sale @ Michaels and I had to pick it up to try it)....and I thought I would recreate a similar piece with some I did.  I busted out the polymer clay:

And got to work.  Creating this piece really didn't take a particularly lengthy amount of time.  About an hour of sculpting...and less than 30 minutes of cooking time in the oven.

Here is the work in of the little lovelies....

And the final product after it is cooked!

Now all I've gotta do is hot glue gun a magnet on the back, wrap it up all pretty, and it's ready to gift for tomorrow!



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