Friday, 12 December 2014

A little Christmas post...

I decided I wanted to put together some type of ornament for my boyfriend for our first Christmas together.

So I started looking for ideas.  I found an idea I really liked on Pinterest.  The only problem was, it was created from fabric.  So...I went looking at Michaels for fabric mittens, but had no luck.  So I thought, why not make them out of wood and I can just paint them up.  Luckily my Dad is very talented with his wood work.  So, I drew out the mittens and Dad cut them out so they looked like this:

Then, I took my paint and got to work:

And then I added the text:

All I needed to do was add some yarn and place them on his tree!

Needless to say both my boyfriend and his family absolutely loved the ornaments!


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